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Wenger said Arsenal signings will continue

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Wenger said Arsenal signings will continue, but said the new aid must adapt to their own tactical system: "I still continue to signings, but to find the ability to strengthen the team's players is not easy, because we already have High level players, there are two ways to progress, the first is the analysis done well and do bad aspects Kevin Connauton Jersey, and then improve, the second is the introduction of new players. Percy is preparing for the season with Inter Milan, but Manchester United hopes to finish the transfer before the Nerazzurri went to China next week Blue Jackets Jerseys For Sale. Inter Milan that Perry Si's worth of 48 million pounds, so rejected Manchester United previously out of 36 million, 39 million pounds offer. "Daily Mail" revealed that Manchester United may eventually offer to 45 million pounds Columbus Blue Jackets Mens Jersey, the offer will impress Inter Milan, and Perry will also be Manchester United this summer, the third new aid. Perryich two years ago to 14.6 million pounds worth of money from Wolfsburg to Inter Milan, can be qualified winger or two striker. Perry Sic has always been a Manchester United fan, published in the social media a series of ambiguous evaluation, but Inter Milan coach Spalletti insisted that Perry Icy did not tell their wish to go to that club Justin Falk Jersey. Although Spalletti admitted last weekend that Manchester United's pursuit had let Pei Siqi "distracted", but still hope that Inter Milan insist on 48 million pounds asking price.

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