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In just a few days

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In just a few days, the Premiership transfer market turned upside down, Manchester United to the history of the second highest price of the introduction of Everton striker Lukaku, and captain Rooney in the absence of 13 years after returning to his childhood The team. Recently, according to the "Daily Mail" message, back to "toffee" Rooney will wear a symbol of the core of the No. 10 jersey. Yesterday, Manchester United official website announced the warm-up match list Bobby Farnham Jersey, Bogba impressively, but no Lukaku, strict Manchester United official website explained that this is because Lukaku has not completed the transfer procedures pittsburgh penguins jersey for sale. To this end, Borgba and Lukaku training clothes are also significantly different, the former wear Manchester United training clothes pittsburgh penguins jersey sale, the latter is just a simple Nike T-shirt. Wayne - Rooney left Everton after 13 years, re-enter the embrace of Goodwood fans, the 32-year-old three lions veteran international back to the beginning of the dream. In 2004, the young Rooney from the toffee converted to the Red Devils, which thirteen set him for Manchester United played 559 games into a total of 253 goals won the 16 crown Matt Cullen Jersey, a long time he is the main scorer of Manchester United. Now, Wayne Rooney back to Merseyside County, he will be in what way into the team? Will he be perfectly compatible with Everton? How is his position in the team? This is worth thinking about.

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