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The Scientist Compressor Expander brilliant at smoothing out vocals and acoustic instruments. Its fast attack and release times will make it a favorite for drums. Featuring 10 preset programs and has many more parameters for at home mastering.

The Scientist Spring Reverb Dub Fx
Featuring damping, per-delays, 10 preset programs, the Scientist Spring Reverb
One of the best reverb VST plugins, a nice and smooth reverb that does a better job on almost any instrument. It can be adjusted to sound like most any acoustic space, ranging from a small shower to a large concert hall. With the "Hi-Damping" control, it is possible to change the sound from bright and sibilant to a more natural / warmer sound.

The Scientist EQ
This is not just any EQ, it is a set of expanded frequency shaping tools for every input channel and output bus. 4-band parametric EQ with -/+24db boost and cut, beyond all that is on the market - with this eq you can get the fat bass sound you can hear in original foundation Roots Reggae music sessions. Features a 20Hz-20kHz frequency response with adjustable bandwidth.

The Scientist Digital Squawki Dub Fx
Named by the legendary Bunny Striker Lee the Digital Squawki Hi and Low Pass filter - analogue version of it first used by King Tubby's now in VST format as created by The Scientist. Squawk away! This is a must have for Dub music producers. - See more at:


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Dubiterian meets The Scientist - Tribute to Augustus Pablo

Category: Music
Duration: 00:00:00
Tribute to Augustus Pablo produced by Dubiterian, mixed and mastered by The Scientist.
01 Arabian Dub 0:00
02 Goodhearted Dub 3:15
03 Execution Dub 6:25
04 Java Dub 10:08
05 Jah Light Dub 13:39
06 Meditation Dub 16:31
07 Warrika Hill Dub 20:37
08 Pipers of Zion Dub 24:13
Released 20 April 2014
Hopeton Brown: Mix & Mastering.
Marc Brehmer: Melodica, Bass, Keys
Johann Brehmer: Drums
Joas Santos: Percussion
Miguel Gustavo: Guitar (Java)
Valter Jr: Guitar (Arabian Dub, Goodhearted Dub)
Assistant engineers: Brian Wallace, Danny Moon
Artwork by Sil Cunningham Paintings
Design by Rawsta Design
Dubiterian plays Hohner Melodicas
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