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Review Cheap Urwerk UR-CC1 - UR-CC1 GOLD ALTIN Men watch

By: yoyoe
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Cheap Urwerk UR-203 Black PE-CVD-Coated watch.Cam, transporter, telescopic hand; UR-203 reveals its micro-mechanics, let everyone see. In this version, Sp├ęciale is limited to 20 pieces, cams, rubies and transporters ensure that the telescopic hand indicates the minute of the ultra-precise alignment, are revealed. The time is translated into a noble sport of metal dancing

URWERK co-founder and watchmaker Felix Baumgartner explained that the black platinum UR-203 was Martin Frei (URWERK co-founder and designer) Ambition. "Martin imagined a stripped model to be distilled into pure essence.We had to re-develop the model from the beginning, we sat on the drawing board, completely reconsidered the satellite module. The era of this complication challenge was to develop a With the least components of the complex mechanism to ensure its reliability and longevity.

fashion cheap watches for sale.Rotational satellite complications UR-202 has a URWERK patented rotating satellite complication with telescopic minute hand. The rotating satellite application displays the time, using a telescopic minute hand operated in three tracks and rotating the middle of the satellite. Adjust the length of the hand to adjust the length of the minute, according to the mark three parts: 0-14,15-44,45-60. Expansion, which enables the UR-202 to display time on a large, easy-to-read dial. Contraction, they allow a very wearable and comfortable size of the situation.

The back UR-202 is the world's first watch to adjust the winding speed with hydrodynamics. As early as the 18th century, watchmakers were using air frictions to adjust the speed of the clock, and their technology developed as the preferred method of adjusting the frequency of the minute transponders.

URWERK uses the traditional concept of using air friction, refining it to control the automatic winding rate. In the past the traditional rotating blades have been replaced by cutting-edge micro twin turbines (micro air compressors) that can be seen rotating on the back of the watch. UR-202 twin-turbine coupled with the winding rotor. Depending on the position of the shift lever, the turbine acts as a shock absorber. In normal activities, they buffer the sharp movement of the rotor. This reduces wear and increases the life of the movement.cheapsalewatch.com

Technical specifications

Model: URWERK UR-202

Case: Platinum, Red Gold, Black PE-CVD Platinum and AlTiN

Movement: caliber UR 7.02; automatic winding with the world's first twin-turbo adjustment

Function: patented rotating satellite complications and overall telescopic minute hand; moon phase index; day / night index.

Size: 46.6mm x 43.5mm x 15mm; micro-blasting; satin finish back to titanium.

Dial: ARCAP P40. The rotating wooden mirror is polished by a diamond cutting machine. SuperLumiNova treatment hours and minutes markers.

Indications: dial features: hours and minutes; moon phase instructions; day / night indicators.

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A man made a shocking good Urwerk UR-202 to watch

Learn about the young engineering students of the Caribbean, San Ramon, Calif. Because of his love of watches and clocks and more unusual watches in the 21st century, he soon liked Urwerk and their unique way of showing time. In fact, he loves them very much and he begins to take his studies as an engineering student, designing and proud of his favorite high-end watch brand. He shared his experience and achievements with us today. ..

Probably two years ago, when I first saw Urwerk's several watches, I started. Their watches are not as I have seen: for me, they are modern pioneers of the watchmaking industry. One thing that makes me fascinated by these works is that they have made incredible progress in watches and clocks, while in a very beautiful way to seamlessly link these mechanisms together. It is not uncommon to see a watch full of incredible engineering expertise, and the rest of the design seems to be an afterthought. Making the watch industry so unique is its ability to combine engineering and art, and in my opinion, Urwerk performs very well.

The watchmaking industry is one of the last engineering forms, and there is a lot of freedom because of the almost no design constraints (size constraints). In this sense, it is still an art; encourage people to propose new features, complications and escapement systems that do not have to try to go beyond quartz and atomic clocks as scientific instruments, but rather show that there is more watch making rather than keeping time.

I found Urwerk UR-202 absolutely incredible. However, they came to a great price, is still a college student, which is not necessarily suitable for my budget. Even so, on the contrary, to stop me from having one day with this great watch, it prompted me to try as close as possible to it. As a mechanical engineer, I think there is no better way to learn from these great watchmakers, instead of using 3D CAD software to rebuild watches on my computer. Now I know it's not an easy thing, but my enthusiasm for tabulation and engineering overcomes any second idea that I immediately started to be about to become a new discovery of the world of watch love.luxuryrelogio.com

In the Urwerk UR-202 under the hood up to a year's time

Finding the right dimension is one of the most difficult parts of the project because it is simple and does not have any available (for obvious reasons). I started assembling hundreds of Urwerk UR-202 photos from various angles and getting the overall size of the watch (case height, width and length). With this information, I can develop a sketch of the shell by using the overall size for the appropriate size and create a conversion ratio for the remaining angles / measurements. Once the shell size is moved to the rear of the housing, the crown, the rotor assembly and any other parts that can be seen externally.

For me, the floor is one of the most complex components re-created in this watch. With so many features and very strict tolerances, even the smallest flaws will make the movement completely useless. After reading the Urwerk UR-202 promotional video dozens of times and frame-by-frame analysis, I was able to better understand the exact work of this complex barrel assembly. As one of the barrels of the barrel rotates to the crown, it is greeted by a nail. The nail captures a small opening in the bucket, allowing it to rotate 90 degrees.

Once the bucket is again on the surface level, it will repeat the process twice, a total of 270 degrees, thus rotating to the new appropriate time. This does not seem complicated until you understand the small size of these components and the extent to which each measurement must be accurate to get a smooth and consistent function of the movement. The tolerances of these watches must be perfect; any slight deviation will significantly increase the friction, not only for the power reserve useful, but also to extend the overall life of the movement.Cheap HYT Skull WATCHES

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