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Mixing Mixing Depends on the nature of many things to determine a price .
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Stem exports:
Scientist requires clean, professional tracks to perform his Dub Mixing techniques.  Please follow these instructions to submit your tracks.

Each track in your session needs to be exported as a mono .wav file. Do not include stereo files even if it is piano/synth/guitar/ etc..  Make sure all of them have the same length to ensure everything will play in sync. Name each file with a short name in all caps. For example KICK, SAX etc...  not audio22_01000
Put each of these new files into a folder. Inside the folder please include a text file of any notes or instructions. Zip the folder into one archive and send using WeTransfer to wetransfer@dubmusic.com

Please add a note including your contact information and final delivery schedule.

When exporting mono tracks:
Arrange the tracks in a way that all instruments play all the way through the song.  Do not include any drop outs, mutes, pre-dubs, drops, etc..  

Listen to each track.  If it includes an effect, please remove it.  We need the dryest possible tracks to work with.

Bypass any reverb or delay plugins.

Bypass any eq or compression.

In general, if it has an effect on it please remove it.

It's better to have individual parts than groups. For instance we would rather have all the drums separately than all in one track.

If using a drum machine, send each part to a different track and then export.

The easiest way to do this in most daws is to perform a layback. Simply add the same number of tracks that you already have in your session. Set the output of each original track to the input of the new tracks. Bypass the plugins and record on all the new tracks. When finished, you will have new recordings that can be brought into any daw and mixed in perfect sync.

Do not send session folders. Do not send ProTools Sessions.  Do not send Ableton Sessions, Do not send Logic Session. Do not send garage band files. Do not send a folder of audio files that are not all the same length. Do not print any delays or reverbs on the tracks. Do not send un-comped or unedited vocals. Do not send tracks you don't want in the mix. Do not submit material that is not your own. Do not send tracks that have not been cleared. Do not send tracks that are grouped or tied together. Do not send stereo files. Do not send files with data compression like .mp3.

Do send awesome songs!  Do send alternate instruments or ideas that make your track stand out. Do send a different or slightly modified version of your song.

If all goes well and the files are delivered correctly we can get to work!

Contact us.
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