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Hepcat's debut album,   Out of Nowhere   was released in 1993 on the New York-based ska label   Moon Records . Two years later, they followed it up with   Scientific   on BYO Records. In 1998, after signing with   Epitaph Records   subsidiary   HellCat Records , [4]   they released   Right on Time , scoring a modest hit with the swinging "No Worries" and scored a spot on the Vans Warped Tour. 2000 saw the release of   Push n' Shove , their first album without founding members Raul Talavera and   Alex Désert , although the latter appears as a guest vocalist on two tracks. He rejoined the band in 2003.   [1] [2]

By the early 2000s, the ska scene became oversaturated and commercially less interesting, so the band was dropped by their label. [5]   Hepcat went on a hiatus, then reunited in 2003 and continued touring. In 2007, the long-time bassist David Fuentes died, which resulted in the band being less active again. In 2015, the guitarist Aaron Owens died as well. Hepcat continues performing at concerts and festivals, but infrequently. [2]

A few members of Hepcat have also participated in other endeavors. Trumpeter Kincaid Smith formed Soul Traffic, a five-piece funk band. Vocalist Alex Désert has had a successful career in film and television, appearing in the movies   PCU ,   Swingers , and   High Fidelity ; and the television shows   Boy Meets World   and   Becker . [ citation needed ]

The term "Hepcat" originates from an early slang term (1930–35) pertaining to an admirer or devotee of jazz, esp. swing, or one that was "hep", or a hipster. The band is actually named after a cat once owned by vocalist Alex Desért, named "Hep." [ citation needed ]

Singer Greg Lee suffered a massive   brain aneurysm   and   cardiac arrest   at his home on March 17, 2024, and died in the hospital two days later on March 19, 2024, at the age of 53. [6]

Discography [ edit ]

Band members [ edit ]

Current members

  • Alex Désert  – vocals
  • Deston Berry – keys and vocals
  • Efren Santana – tenor sax (joined on Scientific)
  • Kincaid Smith – trumpet,   flugelhorn   (joined on Scientific)
  • Lino Trujillo – guitar (from Scientific)
  • Greg Narvas – drums and percussion (Out of Nowhere and Scientific)

Former members

  • Greg Lee – vocals   (died in 2024)
  • David Fuentes – bass, E. upright   (died in 2007)
  • Aaron Owens – guitar (credited as an additional musician on Right on Time, joined on Push n' Shove)   (died in 2015)
  • Joey "Pepe" Urquijo – bass ("Nigel" and "Club Meditation" — first single)
  • Raul Talavera – alto sax (through Right on Time)
  • Dave Hillyard  – tenor sax (Out of Nowhere)
  • Joey Aguilera  – guitar (Scientific Tour)
  • Dennis Wilson – guitar (Out of Nowhere)
  • Jeremiah BenZion (Settles) – tenor sax (Out of Nowhere)
  • Chris Castanon – drums (in between Scientific and Push n' Shove)
  • Scott Abels – drums and percussion (credited as an additional musician on Right on Time, joined on Push n' Shove)
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