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Reggae Music & Revolushan

By Jideh High, 2015-03-25
Reggae Music & Revolushan

- REGGAE MUSIC & REVOLUSHAN - Jideh High Elements

Reggae music is before all "Music" ,
Music is a set of organized sounds tuned together , wich aim is
to be a support to the "trance".
Trance is a way of communication with our intrinsic nature, with
everyone ( I & I ) , with the divine .
This communication and meditation tool , has fit to the ages,
regions and events, and became
the charriot of the " sufferers people's voice" , knowing , and
telling their vision of Justice & Freedom.
Reggae ( mix between "jazz & blues" and african ritual
drumming like "Nayabinghi" drumming)
have spread when a lot of Rebel music got out from anonymity.
More than a social or political
dissatisfaction , the voice of this music talks loud about the living
reality of all the African descendants
in colonized contries and Islands, in extension it had become the
voice of all oppressed people in the world.
Memories written for all generations , to make them know ,
where they come from before slavery ,
and retake the road where it has been cut , by disinformations
and manipulations,
for the benefit of dominators governements.
Reggae , is the voice of African ancient spirituality and way of
thinking ; singing most of the time in the name
 of the Most High Rastafari "225th descendant of King Salomon
& Queen of Shebba" , King of Kings,
Lord of  Lords, Conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah, Haile
Selassie the first ;
who's speaches and words of wisdom , are like a lighthouse , for
those who have been cut from their roots
geographically , historycally , and spiritually. Now an ancient
source of teaching is helping people
to look them own life without the dark vision they have been
educated with , by the wicked.

This rebel music is well known now , cause , it have been spread
by the music business ;
 "good or bad ?" , the fact is : without this business nobody shall
have one of those records
 on his record player , and nobody shall have know the message
carried by this music.
The purpose of Rastaman like "Bob Marley" or others ; was to
use "the Medias" to awaken
the world opinion on the real life and sufferations of theirs
brothers and sisters , the way of facing objectivly
the several problems , and the way of facing those one
spiritually , only way to see what's really goes on.
(I talk about Bob marley , cause He is the most known , and
represent all Men who do the same.)
the obscur common point between they and their conterpart in
other contries can be summarize like that :
The more they say the truth , the more they expose themself at
the risk of being killed .... as it was for :
Peter Tosh , Prince Fari  in Jamaica ; Lucky Dube in south Africa
, or the Rastaman called Kaya*
in Mauritius Island.

 "The truth has been identify outlawed and illegal. To have the
truth in your possession, you can be
found guilty, sentenced to death." - Peter Tosh -

 "Kaya":Rastafari reggae artist from Mauritius Island (1960-
He is at the foundation of a music called SEGGAE ( a mix of local
music "SEGA" & "REGGAE")
in 1982, He founded his band called "Racine Tatane"(in memory
of the name of a rebel malgashi
Prince exiled in Mauritius.Kaya was the Rastafari voice of the
Indian Ocean, as Mauritius is an
english speaking contry, Rastas from theire were in first place to
understand english artist, so the reggae artists,
so the Rastafari message.After a manifestation for the
legalization of the Ganja; He had been imprisoned
for usage of drugs ..and has been found the 21 fev1999 near to
death after he has been mistreat in jail.
-shield & guidance for all freedom fighters who have give their
life for the TRUTH.-

In every contry , men who have the knowledge, and the ability
to use it to uplift  People, become
the target of those who maintain people in ignorancy to use
The result of all this...Some people totally ignore , or caricature
ancient wisdom ,and Rastafari philosophy
 in contries where the teaching of HIM are the most needed for
people's freedom and people's freedom of Mind.

...Now in 2015 what's going on ?
Contries where Rastafari message of liberation is needed are not
informed, the most of the message is censored
or diverted; a too little part of I & I can rise the banner of light
& truth , cause "not well informed".
A Paradox (result of the music business) is in Europe, people can
be more informed about
the wisedom legacy of old contries like Africa ; yes , we can be
more informed than the children
for who those teaching have been given to help them to get out
from this post colonial slavery.
Give Thanks , there is allways a voice of freedom everywhere ,
and we all have the responsability
to build a strong vehicle for This voice; and for this action , we
have lots of tools , and more tools in rich contries
Those one are : "time" to think, access to informations of all kind
, musical instruments , sound systems , studios,
home studios , records , records producing...ect .
We all do a part of the work ...not All !
For all those who struggle to survive everyday , and comsume all
their energy in this act, the part of I & I who have more
"free time"(in all senses), and more tools to produce this
revolutionnary Music; have to work for those who suffer(in all
It's a blessing & gift we have receive , but a gift without exercise
is not usefull.I & I take time to think on what's happened , cause
I & I live
in a contry , free from war or slavery!
It's pure logic; if things are like that today, it's because I & I have
a big responsability in this Revolution; Yes I & I are from those
leaded by the dominators of world , and I & I aren't agree with
them ! That's why I & I must manifest ourself as far as I & I
A lot of very conscious Artists live in the dominated contries , and
them so conscious cause they live on the frontline; they indure
each governemental decision DIRECTLY ...when I & I a just see
this as another "fact" told by news , or TV !

That's why the first real action of I & I as :Musicians, Music
lovers, Sound-system, Conscious music producers...
is to give some help continuously , to let their voice be eared
...and their speech of truth be known on Earth.
the best I & I can do is to share, what has been given to I & I
(in all senses); the more I & I do it consciously
the more the result of the work done will be EFFECTIVE.
"shout and cry" from the past ,
It's the cry of EVERYTIME , the cry thru time & space of the
ones who intrinsicly know that FREEDOM is Human nature
FREEDOM is the SPIRIT and not something to gain !!!

- H O T E P -